Average Cost To Build A Shed

Click Image Receive FREE Shed Plans With Step-By-Step Building Instructions

Click Image Receive FREE Shed Plans With Step-By-Step Building Instructions

For those homeowners who’ve made the choice to build a shed, cost is one of the first things that is given serious consideration.


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During a time when most families are keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line, it’s important to make certain every aspect of construction is considered.


From materials, to labor, to permit fees, the cost to build a shed will ad up quickly. By carefully examining the overall project expenses however, homeowners will always manage to come out ahead of the game.


Because the cost of materials and labor is never consistent from region to region, it’s almost impossible to determine the exact cost of any shed without having specific knowledge of local trends. That being said, the average cost of a custom-built, traditional storage shed will come in at around $22.00 per square foot. For an shed measuring 10’x12′, with a poured slab, that translates into a cost of roughly $2640.00. Keeping in mind that this cost represents a turnkey solution, there are many variables involved that will affect the overall price.


The most fundamental cost of building a shed is materials. There is simply no easy way around this part of the equation. If you want to build a shed that will stand the test of time, you will have to invest in quality materials. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for building supplies


Materials, especially lumber, are a commodity. Retail prices will fluctuate on a regular basis, and the quote you receive on Monday may be different from the quote you get on Friday. Always keep an eye on price trends, sales, and specials offered by individual suppliers.


If you are using a contractor, they will generally receive a discount from lumber suppliers. Unfortunately many builders will simply add a percentage onto their cost in order to cover expenses. If you can save money by purchasing materials on your own, that is money in your pocket. Most contractors will have no problem allowing the homeowner to shoulder the responsibility of picking out material.


Labor costs will account for about half of the square foot price. Labor rates will fluctuate wildly from state to state and town to town. The cost mentioned in this article reflects an hourly rate of between $60-70 for builders and electricians. If you plan on hiring a contractor to build your shed, it always pays to secure at least 3 bids before making your final decision. Shop around and negotiate when looking for a reliable contractor.


For those homeowners who decide to tackle the project on their own, building your own shed is certainly not an impossible task. With the right set of plans, a bit of prior experience, and the Internet as a resource, you will greatly reduce the cost of your building project. Keep in mind however, that your time is worth money.


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