The Cheapest Way To Build A Shed



For those homeowners who’ve decided to build a shed, keeping costs under control is always a priority. With patience, hard work, and only a limited knowledge of construction, DIY is certainly the cheapest way to build a shed. By selecting the right set of plans, purchasing the right lumber, and keeping site work to a minimum, families will have no problem building a shed that fits comfortably within their budget.

Selecting Shed Plans

Selecting the right plans is critical when you’re focused on the cheapest way to build a shed. Plans for large sheds with complicated design elements will require more materials, more site work, and more labor.

When planning your shed, give serious consideration to exactly how the building will be used. If your goal is to build a storage shed for garden tools and outdoor equipment, settle for a simple design that will satisfy that criteria. Basic storage sheds will require fewer materials and may not have to make accommodations for utilities like plumbing and electrical connections.

Shed plans that stick to the basics will also help avoid the need for specialized and expensive tools that most homeowners simply don’t have a use for. Buying or even renting tools can turn a cheap shed into an expensive project very quickly.

Purchasing Lumber For A Shed

When considering the cheapest way to build a shed, saving money on materials is an effective way to reduce costs. Recycled lumber, discounted lumber, and even scrap materials will amount to a significant savings. Keep in mind however, that spending hours searching for deals, and spending a small fortune on fuel, will quickly eat through those potential savings. Be realistic, and know when it makes sense to go right to the big box lumber yard.

Keep Site Work To A Minimum

Even for moderately sized sheds that are within the 10′ x 20′ range, pouring slabs or concrete footings is rarely necessary. Unless you are considering a much larger shed, or you plan to store vehicles or create an office or living space, a crushed gravel foundation is more than adequate. A gravel foundation is a cheap way to build a shed, and it will support the shed structure as well as provide good drainage in wet conditions.

Removing loose organic material and leveling the building site can certainly be accomplished without renting expensive equipment. Consider a shed that has dimensions of 10′ x 12′. By preparing an area that measures 12′ x 14′ with a depth of roughly 4-6″, homeowners can then fill this area with 3/4″ gravel, and they will have a solid shed foundation that will stand the test of time.

When determining the cheapest way to build a shed, look at those factors you have some control over. Keep your shed design simple and manageable so that DIY is possible. Avoid larger, more complicated shed designs that call for extra labor and specialized tools. Last but certainly not least, never cut corners. While you might think shortcuts are saving you a bundle, they will only come back to haunt you later down the road. When you build a shed to last, it will do just that!

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